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LDRS 367 – The Blunt and The Beautiful

Cold, hard, factual vinyl from
Jeannie C. Riley, Johnny Horton,
The Syndicate of Sound,

The Patriots,
Tommy and The True Blue Facts, Billy and The Kid,
Faye Adams, The Five Americans, The Transatlantics,
Jo Ann Kelly, The Ugly Ducklings, Delilah,
and more!
as broadcast live via 6160kc sw 7-3-21

LDRS 362 – Look To The Kookie!

Forcibly integrated vinyl:
Dean and Jean, The Elastik Band, Mongo Santamaria,
Ronnie Spector, Alvin Robinson, Marty and The Monks,
Benny Martin, Dixie Dregs, Agents of Terra,
José Feliciano, Everlon Nevermor, Devil’s Anvil,
The Pair Extraordinaire

and lots more!
As broadcast live via 6160kc sw 2-6-21

LDRS 360 – A Lot of Pushing and Polling

Vinyl Obscurities from: The Isley Bros.,
The Tagues, The United Travel Service,
P.C. Ltd., Carlo’s Crown Jewel,
Cozy Cole, Piccadilly Circus,
Cucumber Jackson, The Lemon Pipers,

Circle Jerks, Poi Dog Pondering,
and more! as broadcast live
via 6160kc sw 11-28-20

LDRS 358 – A Day At The Laissez County Fair

Chesty’s County Fair Picks
Emitt Rhodes, Johnnie Lee Wills,
Ricky Nelson, Weekend, The Swampseeds,
Jody Sten, Donovan,
Bill Haley & His Comets, Doris Drew,
The Impressions,
Brinsley Schwarz, Syd Barrett,
and more! As broadcast live via 6160kc sw 9-19-2020

LDRS 357 – I am Not A Name, I am A Free Man!

Entertainers with No First Names
Froggy Landers, Sugar Pie Desanto,
Swamp Dogg, Red Simpson, Louisiana Red,
Boots Barnes, The Gamma Goochee, Big Black,
Junior and The Classics, Mouse, Tex Williams, Utah Phillips
and lots more! As Broadcast live via 5130kc sw 8-1-2020