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Click Image below to Watch “Lost Discs Radio” mysteriously appear on GMA’s coverage of Groundhog Day 2008! :Groundhog Day 2008

Pirate WEAK Radio was heard in the Lost Discs studios over 6925kHz usb in mid-March ’09 & were hip with their quick QSL response:

WEAK radio

Allan H. Weiner (of WBCQ) causing a scene at the little known ‘SWL SummerFest’ in the old Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA:


A copycat fan is less successful:


Berkely in the 60s:


Eric (of Indiana) rigs up a longwire in his backyard to increase reception of WBCQ (7415 & 5110kHz) to better dig the show!
[photo by Sherry]:


Mr. Bil (of Arizona) enjoys delicious snax during his 1st date with our Lost Discs Intern…
[photo by Chesty]:

mr. bil


This swingin’ scene sent in by Rockin’ Art Lewis [pictured] – (photo by Trixie):

rockin art lewis

Who knows what the future holds?:


Tasha Femkins modeling her Lost Discs Radio t-shirt:

I'm lost, really I am!

Tasha on “retreat” years earlier at the now defunct Complex Variables Studio Compound:

tasha & tub

A recent listener displays his displeasure during a live show:


A once popular dance craze:

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