LDRS 307 – I Am The Wall Rust


Crackly vinyl from: Bud Shank, Casey Anderson
The Omen, The Dynatones, Gene Pitney,
Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks,
The Voxpoppers, The Strangers,
The Feminine Complex
live 11/08/14
via 5110kc shortwave and net feed

LDRS 306 – It’s Just An Expression


Crusty vinyl from: The Genteels, The Thor-ables,
Simon Stokes & The Nighthawks, The Evil,
The Spotnicks, Jerry Dallman and The Knightcaps,
The Yellow Payges, Conlon & The Crawlers,
Jody Reynolds, Witness Inc.

& more! As broadcast live
via 5110kc shortwave 10/11/14

LDRS 305 – Borderline Insubordination


Dig crusty vinyl: The Smubbs, Taj Mahal,
Jersey Red, Human Beings, Dean DeWolf,
The Pudding, New Hudson Exit, Hamilton Camp
and more! As broadcast live via 5110kc shortwave 8/23/14

LDRS 304 – The Original Baroque Irridescent Ineligible Eligible Unpredictable Improbables Episode


Unbelievable vinyl from: The Improbables,
The Unbelievables, The Invincibles, The Eligibles,
The Inadaquates, The Irridescents,
The Baroque Inevitable
and more! as broadcast live via 5110kc

LDRS 303 – Back To Back Mono

LDR 303 Mono

Monophonic vinyl: July, Kaleidoscope,
Devil’s Anvil, Moby Grape, Jimi Hendrix,
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy,
Serpent Power, Chrysalis, The Doors,
and more!
As broadcast live via 5110kc shortwave 7/1/2014

LDRS 302 – Pills Polls and Paranoia

Crusty vinyl from: Dennie Mello, One Eyed Jacks,
The Zephyrs, Gerry & Leslie, King Louie’s Court,
Willie Zango, Quill, Procol Harum,
and the rest. As broadcast live via 5110kc

LDRS 301 – Spring Stang


Real old vinyl from: The Mustang, The Turtles,
Larry Knight & The Upsetters, Maypole,
Country Joe McDonald, Saturday’s Photograph,
Charles River Valley Boys, Hunger,
Steve Gibson & The Red Caps, and more
as broadcast live via 5110kc 5/10/14

LDRS #300 – I Want The Music

Our 300th Episode features vinyl curios from:

Powers Of Blue, Salloom-Sinclair,
Willie and The Red Rubber Band,

The Sunshine Company, Sean Buckley and The Breadcrumbs,
The Rangers, The High Spirits, Mark IV, Bobby Francis,
Bob Halley, 
and more!

as broadcast live 4/5/14 via 5110kc upper-sideband

LDRS 299 – Worn Records Ruin Needles!

wornFeatured vinyl by: Bob Regan, Frankie Brent Revue,
Peter Wheat and The Breadmen, Harlow Wilcox,
Love Affair, The Rumblers, The Ribbons,
The Dynamics, Gene Summers and His Rebels,
Earl King, PF Sloan, and more,
as broadcast live via 5110kc shortwave 3/1/2014

LDRS 298 – Birds, Beasts, Bugs, and Chesty’s Tattoos

Fab vinyl from: The Riddles, Pete Seeger,
The Starlarks, Ray Sharpe, The Aztecs,
Dean Jones, Hearts and Flowers,
Prof. Morrison’s Lollipop,
and more as broadcast via 5110kc shortwave