LDRS 327 – A Hand of Bridge

Obscure vinyl commentary on the now scene: Cozy Cole, Gong,
The Banned, Gold, The Chordettes, The Purple Gang,
Domestic Help, Capt. Freak and The Lunacycle Band,
Mark Spoelestra, Gary Higgins, & more!

As broadcast live via 5130kc shortwave 1/14/2017

LDRS 326 – Positively Beaming


A Tribute in Vinyl: Shiva’s Headband, Dead,
Euphoria Five, Nellie McKay, The Rose Garden,
Family Frog, The E-Types, Stoneground,
The Four Stars, and more… as broadcast live
via 5130kc shortwave 10/15/16

LDRS 325 – Vinyl Debriefing Procedures


Dig Reg Owen Orch.,
The Show Stoppers, Versatones, The Five Satins,
The Royal Holidays, Chambers Bros.,
The Old Philosopher, Eddie Lovette, December’s Children,
The Blue Comets, and much more,
as broadcast live via 5130kc shortwave 8/27/16

LDRS 324 – The Ongoing War Against Decency

decencyMore Gender Blending Vinyl: The Yays & Nays,
Ultimate Spinach, Blackburn & Snow,
The Will-O-Bees, Snow, Anya’s Street,
The Aquarian Age, Clefs of Lavender Hill,
Big Black, Stoneground, & more!
As broadcast live 8/13/16 via 5130kc shortwave.

LDRS 323—Banned In North Carolina Bathrooms!

greenharmonyThis Vinyl Goes Too Far (Out): The Wrongh Black Bag,
The Joyride,  The Art of Lovin’,  Great Speckled Bird,
Floating Opera, The Rose Garden, The Flower Power,
 The Ad Libs, Anya’s Street, The Folklords,
Trader Horne, The Ashes, The Underground
and much more…

as broadcast live 6/4/2016

LDRS 322 – Does Chesty Dream in Color?

Featured vinyl from: Koerner, Ray, and Glover,
The Hard Times, Five Americans,
The Boys Next Door, Factums,
The Merry-Go-Round, Superfine Dandelion,
Paul Brett’s Sage, The Kingsmen, & more!

As broadcast live via 5130kc shortwave 5/14/16

LDRS 321 – Manhandle With Care

Outta-sight vinyl from: The Bells of Rhymney,
The Living Legends, The Right Kind,
The Nice, Edwards Hand,
Boondoggle & Balderdash, Garry Higgins,
and more… as broadcast live via 5130kc sw

LDRS 320 – A Mostly Non-Valentines Spectacular


A loose collection of crusty Feb. vinyl: Pretty Boy,
Jim Valley, The Collection, Troy Shondell,
Mod Singers and Mod Lads,
Rockpile, The Liverpool Five,
The Jackasses, Eartha Kitt, The Imps,
and more, as broadcast live
via 5110kc shortwave 2/13/2016

LDRS 319 – More Pointless Dribble

Explore crusty vinyl from: Tony Kosinec,
The Paupers, Lighthouse, Jon Thomas, The Travelers,
Joe Dodo and The Groovers,
Meadowlark Lemon, Soundpeace,
Homesick James and His Dusters,
Morning, and more
as broadcast live via 5110kc shortwave

LDRS 318: Good Times, Never Felt.

Fresh Vinyl from: The Group Image,
The Shillings, Rumor, Maximilian,
Patrick, Les Lutins,
Shorty Long, Lion,
Fox and The Roadrunners, The Swingin’ Apolloes,
and more, as broadcast live via 5110kc shortwave