LDRS 309 – A Sip In The Morning and You’ll Swing All Night!


Dig vinyl from: Band Without A Name,
Laura Nyro, The Ideals, Mount McKinleys,
Mother’s Worry, Roy Milton, The King Bees,
The Human Jungle, Peanut Butter Conspiracy
& more!

As broadcast live via 5110kc shortwave 1/3/2015

Chesty’s Xmas Pyxis II


Features: Bill Evans, Peppermint Kandy Kids,
Oscar McLollie & His Honey Jumpers,
Johnny and The High-Keys, Judy Collins,
Earl Wrightson, Little Georgie Holiday,
Poppy Hop, Gregg Miner,
David Grisman, Maddy Prior & more!
as broadcast live via 5110kc shortwave 12/20/14

LDRS 307 – I Am The Wall Rust


Crackly vinyl from: Bud Shank, Casey Anderson
The Omen, The Dynatones, Gene Pitney,
Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks,
The Voxpoppers, The Strangers,
The Feminine Complex
live 11/08/14
via 5110kc shortwave and net feed

LDRS 306 – It’s Just An Expression


Crusty vinyl from: The Genteels, The Thor-ables,
Simon Stokes & The Nighthawks, The Evil,
The Spotnicks, Jerry Dallman and The Knightcaps,
The Yellow Payges, Conlon & The Crawlers,
Jody Reynolds, Witness Inc.

& more! As broadcast live
via 5110kc shortwave 10/11/14

LDRS 305 – Borderline Insubordination


Dig crusty vinyl: The Smubbs, Taj Mahal,
Jersey Red, Human Beings, Dean DeWolf,
The Pudding, New Hudson Exit, Hamilton Camp
and more! As broadcast live via 5110kc shortwave 8/23/14

LDRS 304 – The Original Baroque Irridescent Ineligible Eligible Unpredictable Improbables Episode


Unbelievable vinyl from: The Improbables,
The Unbelievables, The Invincibles, The Eligibles,
The Inadaquates, The Irridescents,
The Baroque Inevitable
and more! as broadcast live via 5110kc

LDRS 303 – Back To Back Mono

LDR 303 Mono

Monophonic vinyl: July, Kaleidoscope,
Devil’s Anvil, Moby Grape, Jimi Hendrix,
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy,
Serpent Power, Chrysalis, The Doors,
and more!
As broadcast live via 5110kc shortwave 7/1/2014

LDRS 302 – Pills Polls and Paranoia

Crusty vinyl from: Dennie Mello, One Eyed Jacks,
The Zephyrs, Gerry & Leslie, King Louie’s Court,
Willie Zango, Quill, Procol Harum,
and the rest. As broadcast live via 5110kc

LDRS 301 – Spring Stang


Real old vinyl from: The Mustang, The Turtles,
Larry Knight & The Upsetters, Maypole,
Country Joe McDonald, Saturday’s Photograph,
Charles River Valley Boys, Hunger,
Steve Gibson & The Red Caps, and more
as broadcast live via 5110kc 5/10/14

LDRS #300 – I Want The Music

Our 300th Episode features vinyl curios from:

Powers Of Blue, Salloom-Sinclair,
Willie and The Red Rubber Band,

The Sunshine Company, Sean Buckley and The Breadcrumbs,
The Rangers, The High Spirits, Mark IV, Bobby Francis,
Bob Halley, 
and more!

as broadcast live 4/5/14 via 5110kc upper-sideband