LDRS #300 – I Want The Music

Our 300th Episode features vinyl curios from:

Powers Of Blue, Salloom-Sinclair,
Willie and The Red Rubber Band,

The Sunshine Company, Sean Buckley and The Breadcrumbs,
The Rangers, The High Spirits, Mark IV, Bobby Francis,
Bob Halley, 
and more!

as broadcast live 4/5/14 via 5110kc upper-sideband

LDRS 299 – Worn Records Ruin Needles!

wornFeatured vinyl by: Bob Regan, Frankie Brent Revue,
Peter Wheat and The Breadmen, Harlow Wilcox,
Love Affair, The Rumblers, The Ribbons,
The Dynamics, Gene Summers and His Rebels,
Earl King, PF Sloan, and more,
as broadcast live via 5110kc shortwave 3/1/2014

LDRS 298 – Birds, Beasts, Bugs, and Chesty’s Tattoos

Fab vinyl from: The Riddles, Pete Seeger,
The Starlarks, Ray Sharpe, The Aztecs,
Dean Jones, Hearts and Flowers,
Prof. Morrison’s Lollipop,
and more as broadcast via 5110kc shortwave


LDRS #297 – flying saucer/flying teacup/from outer-space/flying teapot

flyingteapotNew Year’s Oldies Include: The Capes and Masks,
East River Drive, Sapphire Thinkers, Kelly and Gail,
Sam Butera, Buster Brown, 
Whistler Chaucer Detroit and Greenhill,
The Everly Brothers, N.S.U.
and tons more, as broadcast live
via 5110kc shortwave 1/4/2014

LDRS #296 – Served Bloody Rare!

rarestRarest of the Rare 2013 – Ted Taylor, The Pictures,
Bonnie Dobson, 
The Clockwork Oranges, Clock Work Orange,
The Avengers, 
The Vandals, Freedom, Gary Higgins,
Bow Street Runners, and more!
As broadcast live via 5110kc shortwave 12/7/13.

LDRS #295 – Takes No Computations…

lourevisitedVintage Vinyl from: VU, The Roughnecks, Gloria Lynne,
Noel Harrison, Bobby Parker, Baby Ray,
Big Mama Thornton, Johnny Boni,
Doc Bagby, and more!
As broadcast live via 5110kc shortwave 11/9/13

LDRS 294 – Season Of The Kitsch

kitschseasonCrusty vinyl from: The Jekyll’s and Hyde’s,
The Satans, Masked Marauders, The Trolls,
Lello Tristano, Howlin’ Wolf, The Collectors,
The Mystic Number National Bank
And more! As broadcast live via 5110kc
shortwave 10/05/13

LDRS #293 – The Kind Of September

laborofluvDig real-time vinylLou Josie, Bobby Randolph, The Lazy Eggs,
The Xtreems, Blind Hog, Kent and the Candidates,
Hackamore Brick, The Wildcats,
Bohemian Vendetta and more!
As broadcast live via 5110kc shortwave 8/31/13

LDRS #292 – Bubbling Blunders…


Our review of Bubbling Under platters that charted
#110, or lower, features

The Viceroys, Elephant’s Memory, Chris Bartley,
Jimmy McCracklin, Elvis,

Jimmy Gordon, The Bracelets, The Fendermen,
The Coachmen, 
The Vejtables, and more!

LDRS #291 – Sans Vox

Featured vinyl:
The Dials, Dave & The Orbits,
Keetie & The Kats, The Dawnbeats, The Chiefs,
Alan Lorber Orch., The Aquarians,
The Nightcaps, Ugly Ducklings,
& more, as broadcast live via 5110kc shortwave