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LDRS 375 – Goodnight Mom

A Tribute FeaturingJan & Dean, Jack Scott, Ron Holden,Chris Cloud, Charley Macey, Everly Bros,Ray Sharpe, The Coachmen, Bobby Bare,Billy Preston, and more!As broadcast live via 6160kc 4-9-22

LDRS 374 – turn your lost discs radio on !

An unplanned live broadcast rooted in an unplanned turned-on radio happenstance whereby three different people insisted I turn a radio on whereupon I heard this song suggesting that I turn on a radio.

LDRS 373 – Lucky 2th

Fun Feb vinyl from: Tony Mattola,Watson T. Browne, Giant Sunflower,Kal David, Spooner and The Spoons,The Four Dates, Meg Myles,Jack Melick and The Gamblers,Little Milton, The Liverpool Five,Mark Lewis Trio, The New Lime and more!as broadcast live via 6160kc sw 2-5-22

LDRS 372 – Blessing Nez

LDRS 371 – Chesty’s Xmas Pyxis IV

Chesty’s hand-picked Xmas vinyl features – Liberace, The Boys Next Door,Mouse and The Traps, The Lollipops, Michael Nesmith, The Surfers,Country Squirrels, Marv Meredith,Buck Owens, Bob Huff, The Ravers,Little Lance, Duke Ellington Orch.,The Impossibles, and more!As broadcast live via 6160kc sw 12-11-21

LDRS 370 – Rare Blare

Rare platters from: The Growing Concern,Kane’s Cousins, The Peeling of Tangerine,The Innocents, Lou Josie,Colin Blunstone, The Coachmen,Appleton Syntonic Menagerie,The Dimensions, D.D. and The Derelicts,Bob and Kit, London Phogg,and more, as broadcast live via 6160kc11-27-21

LDRS 369 – Backward Masking

October-scented vinyl fromThe 7th Court, Stan Dee,The Nashville Rejects,The Detergents, The Paramounts,Tongue and Groove,Shirley, Lizzy Mercier Dexcloux,The Neurotic Sheep,and tons more!As broadcast live via 6160kc sw 10/23/2021

LDRS 368 – Reality Check

Edified vinyl from: Mylon, Bob Moore,Teacher’s Edition, Maskman and The Agents,Bobby Marchan, Thunderclap Newman,Lincoln St. Exit, Lotti Golden, Ecology,Gunhill Road, Diamond,and more! As broadcast live via 6160kc8-28-2021

LDRS 367 – The Blunt and The Beautiful

Cold, hard, factual vinyl fromJeannie C. Riley, Johnny Horton,The Syndicate of Sound,The Patriots,Tommy and The True Blue Facts, Billy and The Kid,Faye Adams, The Five Americans, The Transatlantics,Jo Ann Kelly, The Ugly Ducklings, Delilah, and more!as broadcast live via 6160kc sw 7-3-21

LDRS 366 – The Summer of Its Parts

Vinyl curios from: Rosebud, Lloyd Price,Good Time Charlie, Puppet,The Slades, The Fowls, The Love Generation, James Cotton,Jade Warrior & more!as broadcast live via 6160kc sw 6-5-21

LDRS 365 – Your Daily Spring Cleaning

Vinyl curiosities fromBlues Image, New Swing Sextet,Jill Corey, The G-Clefs, The Hilltoppers,Wally Whyton, The Blues Breakers,Ko Ko Taylor, Taj Mahal,Marian Segal and Silver Jade,and more, as broadcast live via 6160kc sw5-1-2021