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LDRS 368 – Reality Check

Edified vinyl from: Mylon, Bob Moore,Teacher’s Edition, Maskman and The Agents,Bobby Marchan, Thunderclap Newman,Lincoln St. Exit, Lotti Golden, Ecology,Gunhill Road, Diamond,and more! As broadcast live via 6160kc8-28-2021

LDRS 367 – The Blunt and The Beautiful

Cold, hard, factual vinyl fromJeannie C. Riley, Johnny Horton,The Syndicate of Sound,The Patriots,Tommy and The True Blue Facts, Billy and The Kid,Faye Adams, The Five Americans, The Transatlantics,Jo Ann Kelly, The Ugly Ducklings, Delilah, and more!as broadcast live via 6160kc sw 7-3-21

LDRS 366 – The Summer of Its Parts

Vinyl curios from: Rosebud, Lloyd Price,Good Time Charlie, Puppet,The Slades, The Fowls, The Love Generation, James Cotton,Jade Warrior & more!as broadcast live via 6160kc sw 6-5-21

LDRS 365 – Your Daily Spring Cleaning

Vinyl curiosities fromBlues Image, New Swing Sextet,Jill Corey, The G-Clefs, The Hilltoppers,Wally Whyton, The Blues Breakers,Ko Ko Taylor, Taj Mahal,Marian Segal and Silver Jade,and more, as broadcast live via 6160kc sw5-1-2021

LDRS 364 – Chesty’s April Nightmares

Vinyl curiosities from: Charlotte Leslie, Rufus Lumley,David Ackles, Thumper, Albert King, Keystone Four,Floyd Robinson, Jim Kweskin Jug Band, Rhinoceros,Mother Earth, Kevin Coyne, and more!as broadcast live via 6160kc sw 4-3-21

LDRS 363 – I Don’t Feel Tardy!

Crusty vinyl from:The Dancing Panther BandApril Wine, Rockpile, The Colonists,Jackie Ross, The Litter, Amos Milburn,Wanda Jackson, The Detergents, Kenny Price,Fugain and Le Big Bazar, Linn County, The Inmates,and tons more! As broadcast live via 6160kc sw 3-6-2021

LDRS 362 – Look To The Kookie!

Forcibly integrated vinyl:Dean and Jean, The Elastik Band, Mongo Santamaria,Ronnie Spector, Alvin Robinson, Marty and The Monks,Benny Martin, Dixie Dregs, Agents of Terra,José Feliciano, Everlon Nevermor, Devil’s Anvil,The Pair Extraordinaire,and lots more!As broadcast live via 6160kc sw 2-6-21

LDRS 361 – Face it: 2020 One!

Lost vinyl from: Eddie Lockjaw Davis,The Fantastic Zoo, Every Mother’s Son,Ichabod and The Cranes, Ral Donner,Wet Willie, Sensational Alex Harvey Band,Grahame Bond, and moreas broadcast live via 6160kc sw 1-2-21

LDRS 360 – A Lot of Pushing and Polling

Vinyl Obscurities from: The Isley Bros.,The Tagues, The United Travel Service,P.C. Ltd., Carlo’s Crown Jewel,Cozy Cole, Piccadilly Circus,Cucumber Jackson, The Lemon Pipers,Circle Jerks, Poi Dog Pondering,and more! as broadcast livevia 6160kc sw 11-28-20

LDRS 359 – Season of The Tilt

Crusty vinyl fromThe First Theremin Era, Steve Martin,Johnny Nash, The Hondells,Mike Rabin and The Demons,The Naturals, Fever Tree, The Fallen Angels, Leo and The Prophets, McCormick Brothers,Jo Ann Kelly, and moreas broadcast via 6160kc sw 10-17-20

LDRS 358 – A Day At The Laissez County Fair

Chesty’s County Fair PicksEmitt Rhodes, Johnnie Lee Wills,Ricky Nelson, Weekend, The Swampseeds, Jody Sten, Donovan,Bill Haley & His Comets, Doris Drew,The Impressions,Brinsley Schwarz, Syd Barrett,and more! As broadcast live via 6160kc sw 9-19-2020