LDRS 335 It’s 4:21 Somewhere…

Vintage Vinyl from: Mother Earth, Johnny and The Tornados,
Erik and The Smoke Ponies, Captain Beyond, Five By Five, Nazz,
The U.S. Males, Lou Lawton, Redeye, William Truckaway,
and more! As broadcast live via 5130kc shortwave on 4/21/2018

LDRS 334 – Mid-March Hodge-Podge

Obscure vinyl from: Andwella’s Dream, The Orange Machine,
Dr. Strangely Strange, The Free Spirits, Jeffrey Cain,
Eddie Fisher, Gary Walker, The Fire Escape,
& more, as broadcast live via 5130kc shortwave 3/17/18

LDRS 333 – Death and Taxes Edition

Featuring vinyl from: Lightnin’ Hopkins,
Little Willie John, Larry Storch, Stan Farlow,
Spencer and Spencer, The Casuals,
The Magic Christians, The Coronados,
The Chuck Barris Syndicate,
and more…  as broadcast live via 5130kc shortwave 1/13/2018

LDRS 332 – Rare Done!

Rare vinyl from: The A-Jacks, Donna Kramer,
Indian Puddin’ and Pipe,  Roger Salloom, Riff Ruffin
Sunday Servants, The Second Coming, The Pins,
The David, Notes From The Underground, and more!
as broadcast live via 5130kc shortwave 12/9/17

LDRS 331 – escape schism

Featured platters by: Ivory, John La Salle Quartet,
Bobby Bunny and The Jackrabbits,
Bobby Griggs, Eddie Renae and The Titans,
The Lamp of Childhood, Talon Brothers, Morning,
and more! As broadcast live via 5130kc 8/14/17

LDRS 330 – Listen Up, Punks!

Anti-supremacist vinyl from: Josh White, Crabby Appleton,
Timber, Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, Sweetwater,
Dick Dale, Burch Ray, Glen Campbell, and more…
As broadcast live via 5130kc 8/19/2017

LDRS 329 – Reconstructed Pepper

A reconstruction of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s track-by-track

using some of the best musical responses from other musical artists of the era.

LDRS 328 – Hell Is Watching Out for Other People

Obscure vinyl from: The Good Rats, West,
Bow Street Runners, Sean & the Brandywines,
Jimmy McCracklin, The Shags, The Four Tophatters,
David Hollis, Gregg Allman, Heavy Balloon,
and more… as broadcast live via 5130kc shortwave 6/04/2017

LDRS 327 – A Hand of Bridge

Obscure vinyl commentary on the now scene: Cozy Cole, Gong,
The Banned, Gold, The Chordettes, The Purple Gang,
Domestic Help, Capt. Freak and The Lunacycle Band,
Mark Spoelestra, Gary Higgins, & more!

As broadcast live via 5130kc shortwave 1/14/2017

LDRS 326 – Positively Beaming


A Tribute in Vinyl: Shiva’s Headband, Dead,
Euphoria Five, Nellie McKay, The Rose Garden,
Family Frog, The E-Types, Stoneground,
The Four Stars, and more… as broadcast live
via 5130kc shortwave 10/15/16