LDRS 358 – A Day At The Laissez County Fair

Chesty’s County Fair Picks
Emitt Rhodes, Johnnie Lee Wills,
Ricky Nelson, Weekend, The Swampseeds,
Jody Sten, Donovan,
Bill Haley & His Comets, Doris Drew,
The Impressions,
Brinsley Schwarz, Syd Barrett,
and more! As broadcast live via 6160kc sw 9-19-2020

LDRS 357 – I am Not A Name, I am A Free Man!

Entertainers with No First Names
Froggy Landers, Sugar Pie Desanto,
Swamp Dogg, Red Simpson, Louisiana Red,
Boots Barnes, The Gamma Goochee, Big Black,
Junior and The Classics, Mouse, Tex Williams, Utah Phillips
and lots more! As Broadcast live via 5130kc sw 8-1-2020

LDRS 356 – First Name Last

Dig our July Super Summer Spectacular Special
Musical Artists w/ 2 First Names!
If we missed your fave two-first-namer,
complain to: [email protected]

LDRS 355 – Moons and Junes and Double-Ferris Wheels

Vinyl splatters from: The Second Coming,
The Stained Glass, Bobby Hendricks, Johnny Dollar,
Bill Withers, Little Richard, The Outlaws, The Pretty Things,
Ormandy, Kracker, Sound Foundation,
and more!

As broadcast live via 5130kc shortwave 6-6-20

LDRS 354 – Music For A Sleeping Audience

Escapism vinyl from: The Latin Blues Band, Gong, Culpeper’s Orchard
Vision of Sunshine, Nektar, Repairs, Buddy Guy, Gregg Allman,
Terry Reid, Captain Beyond, Hollins and Starr, King Crimson,

and more, as broadcast live via 5130kc sw 5-9-2020

LDRS 353 – A Virus To Mire Us

Contagious obscurities from: Bill Hershey and The Almonds,
The Free Spirits, DDT and The Repellents, The Casual Three,
The Swinging Apolloes, Mickey Lee Lane, Lenny and Dick,
The Untouchables, Country Joe McDonald, Joe Tex,
Copper Penny, We Five, and more!
As broadcast live from the viral epicenter via 5130kc sw

LDRS 352 Valentines in March: The Fallout

Featuring The Jordan Bros., The Xtreems, Lee Shot Williams,
Onie Wheeler, Paul and Barry Ryan, Johnny Long,
Johnny Daye, Jimmy McCracklin, Motherlode,
Equipe 84, Ian and The Zodiacs, Nappy Brown,
and more! as broadcast live via 5130kc shortwave 2-22-20

LDRS 351 – Thee Eleventh

A Retrospective Celebration Featuring
Bram Rigg Set, Kinetic Engergy, The Fenways,
New Tweedy Bros., The Ideals, Don Agrati,
Kevin Ayers, Baby Ray, The Paupers, The Joyride,
and much more! As broadcast live via 5130kc sw 1-25-20

LDRS 350 – Rare Platters Matter!

Mind-blowingly rare discs from: Bobby Brant and The Rhythm Rockers,
The Mor-Locks, Toby Ben Blues Band, The Thousand Faces, Willie Ruff,
Ted Lucas, Reigh Giglio, Shep, Jamison Smoothdog,
Art, Bob Linkletter
, and more…
as broadcast live via 5130kc sw 11-14-19

LDRS 349 – An Urgency For Going

Crusty vinyl from: Stillrock,
Yorkville Grind, The Myddle Class,
The Epic Splendor, The Moon Rakers,
Jamie Horton, Bernadette, The X-Cellents,
The Holy Mackerel, The Neighborhood, Bill Soden
and more! As broadcast live via 5130kc sw

LDRS 348 Barrooms, Slander, & Witches!

Dig vinyl platters from
Robert Hunter, Rocky Erickson,
The Clique, Jeff Barry, Beau Brummels,
Luna, Pentangle, Papa John Creach,
Everything Is Everything, and more!
as broadcast live via 5130kc shortwave 10-12-19