2 thoughts on “LDRS #281 Exclusive: Dog Sees Thru Time! Hear all about it…

  1. Jay G. B.

    Hey hey guys! Another great show if I do say so myself. Hoping to get myself a shortwave radio so I can listen to you guys live (ya, ya, ya, I know I can listen live on the net, but I want to listen to it the way we are SUPPOSED to listen to it, upper sideband man, ya dig?).

    Interesting version of Season of the Witch in there. I really like the previous version you guys played a while back.

    So did we ever find out what happened to Doc Brown or what?

    Oh ya, and how did that Leatherman situation go? Did they decide to leave the poor bastard alone?

  2. Jay G. B.

    I just realized that I probably wouldn’t be able to get you live on the shortwave ya? I am all the way over here in Seattle, WA.

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