LDRS 302 – Pills Polls and Paranoia

Crusty vinyl from: Dennie Mello, One Eyed Jacks,
The Zephyrs, Gerry & Leslie, King Louie’s Court,
Willie Zango, Quill, Procol Harum,
and the rest. As broadcast live via 5110kc

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  1. DennyMela 25 July 2014 at 7:31 pm #

    Hey, Guys. Sent you an email regarding “Wailin’ Guitar”. Not sure if you check your email, but I’m the “Punk kid” that recorded the record on the Blue Bell Label when I was 15 it was released a few months later in 1959. Hope you got my email regarding talking with you on the air about my recording experience at Blue Bell (as Dennie Mello) and at Cameo/Parkway as a vocalist (as Denny Mela)

  2. admin 27 July 2014 at 3:30 pm #

    Hey! Denny,
    I did email you back but the message may have gone to your junk folder (?). Here’s what I wrote:
    Denny! Wow, unbelievable. We’re thrilled to hear from you and that you’re still out there and doing well. I came across your record on Ebay and had never heard your name nor even heard of the Blue Bell label, but the seller had a short clip of the record and it really sold me on it right away. I meant what I said when I compared you to Duane Eddy; I think your song is musically clever, sort of catchy and enchanting somehow all at once. The guitar playing is also tastefully done, especially for a 16 year old punk.
    Anyway, I’d love to hear more about your musical career and certainly would love for you to send those mp3s of your Cameo/Parkway material. Let’s also discuss when we might be able to get you on the phone for an on-air talk.
    Dig, JimE.

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